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Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom, our allergies are horrendous, and the weather is pure Florida. As mentioned in the preview, it's true that we've moved our offices again. You can find out more below. There's also this month's note from Jordan that I'm sure you'll enjoy, and to top it off, we have the transcript from a recent arrest we think you'd be interested in reading through. So keep reading.
We've Moved! (Yes, Again)

This may come as a surprise to you because it seems like we just moved into our last place, but it is true, we've moved again. You can now find us at:

545 Delaney Ave. 
Building 3
Orlando, FL 32801

Hovey Court is one of the best examples of Craftsman-style architecture in Orlando. Originally built between 1913-1919 just off Lake Lucerne as guest cottages. The cluster of bungalows was built around a common courtyard that has since been turned into the parking area for the businesses now there.

From Jordan's Desk

In the last newsletter we talked about traditions...well today we are going to talk about a bad tradition.

Because it's that time of year...Taxes!

If you're anything like me, you're not as happy this year around tax time as you have been in the past.  Between the changes to what is deductible and not, as well as withholdings being lower, many people are seeing a worse bottom line than in the past.

Little known fact, until the year 1955 the IRS did everyone's taxes for them.  It's that crazy to think?  Now, whether it's you and turbotax or sitting down with an accountant, it's a much more in depth and often scary process.  Jerry Seinfeld has a skit about the number 1 fear being public speaking and number 2 being death...I have to imagine taxes (or the dreaded IRS Audit) would be number 3!

But...there might be something that we can do you help you.  If you're a small business owner who hasn't incorporated correctly, or a 1099 we might be able to help you incorporate which could in theory lower your tax issues moving forward.

We also work with some excellent financial and tax professionals who might also be able to help you with IRAs or something similar to also lower your tax bill moving forward.

So after you are done reading our newsletter that has some happier info, if you're looking to see if we might be able to help, give us a call when you can.

In the meantime, at least it's almost over...until next year!



First Officer: We stopped you tonight, sir, because you match the description of someone we've gotten several calls on tonight. Can you tell me what you're doing in this neighborhood?

Detainee: Um, just dropping off some stuff for Easter, like I do every year.

Second Officer: I see, and can I ask what you have in the basket?

Detainee: Sure, just some candy, eggs, a couple boxes of those Peep™ things that no one seems to like but always expect to get anyway.

Second Officer: Uh huh, and where did you get these items, sir?

Detainee: I, um, made them.....

First Officer: Excuse me, you made them? And how exactly did you do that?

Detainee: Magic of course.

First Officer: I see. Magic. Let me ask you, sir, have you taken anything recently? Any drugs or medicine? Anything like that?

Detainee: No. No, I haven't.

Second Officer: But you say you made all this with "magic."

Detainee:  Yes, officer, that's right.

Second Officer: Do you happen to have any ID on you, sir?

Detainee: No.

First Officer: Not anything in the basket? Nothing that can verify your identity? 

Detainee: I'm a talking rabbit with a magical basket full of Easter candy. I'm the Easter Bunny, who did you think I was?

Second Officer: No need for an attitude, sir. (into walkie-talkie) We're going to need some backup here.

Easter Bunny: Look, I have a few hundred thousand houses to homes to visit tonight, I really need to move on. 

First Officer: Yeah, ok, and how are you going to visit that many homes? Oh, wait. Let me guess. Magic, right?

Easter Bunny: Of course, how else?

First Officer: Yeah, I'm going to need you to get in the car. We're going to the station and you're getting tested for drugs.

Easter Bunny: Dude! You're literally talking to a sentient member of the Leporidae family, and you think I'm the one on drugs?

Second Officer: I hate to say it, but he does have a point, Bill.


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Don't forget the following dates! They're important to the success of your company.
  1. April 15th:  Taxes due for Individuals, Sole Proprietors, and Single-Member LLCs. April 15 is also the when your first quarterly estimated taxes (QET) are due If you're filing for an extension, you must do it by April 15th as well.
  2. May 1st: SunBiz Annual Report Filing deadline. If you don't file before this date, you're subject to a $400 fine.
  3. June 17th:  Your second round of QET is due. Make sure you file the right paperwork and get them in.
Did you spend too much on taxes this year? It's probably time for you to consider changing your business formation. Let us help!

Need a speaker at your next event?

Consider using one of our attorneys. We can provide great insight on your topic and we'll bring the snacks.



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