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Adoption. It’s an amazing way of growing your family and helping out a child in need. In order to adopt in Florida, you will need to navigate the very difficult and arduous process set by the state.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t able to be parents. Medical, financial, or other reasons leave them unable to care for their offspring. Fortunately, there are people, like you, who are looking to expand their families.

By adopting, you can become a parent and give a beautiful young girl or boy the home and the support they need. Unfortunately, in Florida, there are quite a few hoops to jump through.

While they are difficult to understand and to navigate, each of the steps the state requires is a necessary one. They ensure that the children move out of the state’s care and into the care of a family able to fully support their needs and provide a safe and healthy environment.


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  • Who can Adopt a child in Florida?

    1. A married couple together;
    2. An unmarried adult; or
    3. A married person without their spouse joining them as a petitioner subject to exception.
  • Factors considered beforean adoption can take place include.

    1. Financial stability
    2. A safe, nurturing home environment
    3. Ability to provide basic necessities
      of the child
    4. The desire to love the child unconditionally
    5. This process can take up to
      nine months to complete
  • This process can be overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance, and strong representation, all the steps necessary to secure an adoption are possible.

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