Florida Juvenile Offense Attorneys

Has your child been charged with a crime?

Are they currently detained in a juvenile detention center? Are they awaiting trial? The attorneys of Jordan Law are well versed in the rules and laws that regulate juvenile offenses. We can help you and your family through this difficult legal matter and make sure you have all the protections possible.

If you have questions about legal matters that involve minors then the attorneys of Jordan Law have some helpful tips to help protect your child’s future.

Juvenile Arrests

When a juvenile (a person under 18) is arrested, they are taken to a juvenile detention center (JDC). These centers are usually located separately from the county jail in order to protect younger people from older offenders.

If you are unsure where your child here is a list of
Florida Detention Centers

Immediately after the arrest, a Juvenile Probation Office will make a determination based on your child’s history, the charge they were arrested on, and any aggravating or mitigating factors to determine if your child will be released. The child may be sent home with a parent or guardian, placed on home detention or be required to remain in detention.

The morning following their arrest the child will be required to appear in court to allow a judge to address their release. The court will take ingot account any additional concerns or conditions that may affect whether they decide to release the child from the JDC. Having an attorney at this hearing can make a difference between your child being released or being held for up to 21 days.

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Juvenile Cases

Although children cannot be sentenced to prison as juveniles, the consequences of criminal charges may follow them well into adulthood. Some of the concerns in addressing your child’s case include:

  1. Based on the charge and your child’s history, they could be committed to a program up until their 19th birthday.
  2. If your child is placed on probation, they may face a curfew, restrictions on living placement, and a variety of requirements that may cost both you and your child significant time and money.
  3. Your child may lose their driver’s license or ability to obtain a driver’s license for a year.
  4. Criminal charges may affect your child’s acceptance into college or occupational programs.
  5. Your child’s school may institute disciplinary proceedings leading to possible suspension or expulsion if the alleged crime occurred on campus.
  6. If your child is arrested in the future, juvenile history can be used to enhance the sentencing points for felonies.

Even for Juveniles, the best defense is a good offense!  To protect your child’s future and ensure that they make informed decisions about their case, call Jordan Law today at (407) 906-5529.