Domestic Violence Cases in Florida

Domestic Violence can tear apart a home. It leaves no one untouched. The people involved, the children, even the neighbors are affected by the fights, abuse, and repercussions.

But not every call the police respond to should result in a Domestic Violence charge. If you were charged with domestic violence but believe you were falsely accused, then we are here to help.

When you call Jordan Law you are contacting attorneys that understand both sides of the law. As former State Attorneys, we understand what it looks like when charges are filed and what needs to be done to counter those accusations.

In Florida, if you are arrested following a dispute with someone you live with, are related to, or share children with, you may be facing charges labeled as domestic violence. A domestic violence attorney may be able to help you avoid the additional penalties associated with domestic violence charges.

What is a domestic violence charge?

There are several offenses that are classified as domestic violence by the state of Florida. This is not a full list, however, as different cities and counties may include other charges as domestic violence.

  • Domestic assault and aggravated assault
  • Domestic battery and aggravated battery
  • Sexual battery, rape, and other sex offenses
  • False imprisonment or kidnapping
  • Violation of a no-contact or restraining order
  • Elderly abuse
  • Rape, sexual battery, or other sex offenses
  • Other offenses that result in physical injury or death of a household member by another person who lives in the house.

Other than the typical criminal penalties ranging from probation to jail or prison time, domestic violence charges usually include additional penalties such as civil injunctions, batterer’s intervention programs, a hold on bonds, and domestic violence charges cannot be sealed or expunged. A charge labeled as domestic violence may also negatively affect employment or financial opportunities.

Consult with a Florida Domestic Violence Attorney Today

Need a Lawyer for you Domestic Violence chargeInjunctions:

  • A domestic violence battery, assault, stalking charge or another domestic violence charge is accompanied by an injunction for protection.
  • Jordan Law attorneys provide representation for you prior to and during injunction hearings.

Pre-Filing Representation:

  • Although victims often do not want to press charges after the initial arrest, the decision to drop charges is up to the State Attorney’s Office, not the victim.
  • Our office can work with you to assemble a mitigation packet, including the desire of the victim to drop the charges and reach out to the State Attorney’s office to try to avoid the filing of charges.


  • If eligible, our Domestic Violence attorneys can help get you enrolled in a diversion program that will result in a dismissal of the charges once you complete the program.

Pre-Trial Motions:

  • If that doesn’t work, we have extensive experience with pre-trial motions such as Stand Your Ground Motions, from both the State and Defense side, and a successful ruling at these hearings will require the Judge to grant you immunity from prosecution no matter whether it’s a battery, assault or other Domestic Violence charges.
  • That means the case goes away regardless of the Prosecutor decision or the alleged victim’s request. (again link to injunction page).


  • Our office maintains zealous and aggressive trial attorneys who will help guide you through the trial process and put forth their best efforts to have your case acquitted.

For anyone arrested on domestic violence criminal charges in Central Florida, it is extremely important to contact an attorney quickly and discuss the possible resolution of these charges.