Every company needs capital to run. Shareholders and partners are usually where those funds come from. Whether the partners work in the same office to get the job done, or they just provided operating funds, they have a say in how the company runs.

Unfortunately, partners or shareholders can disagree on the best way to manage the company they’ve invested in. Often these disputes are minor and can be addressed through the normal course of business. When they can’t, and the disagreement escalates, having an outside party step in can be necessary to ensure an equitable resolution. That’s where the Business Law Attorneys of Jordan Law can help.

How We Resolve Shareholder and Partner Disputes?

There are several paths to resolving a dispute between partners and shareholders of a business. Sometimes it’s as simple as letting us look at the contract, and letting you know your options. Other times, more complex solutions are required. Some of those options are:

  • Arbitration – By letting an arbitrator sit down with both parties and look at the evidence provided, disputes can be fully addressed. Arbitration is typically final and the arbitrator’s decision is final and is enforceable through the courts.
  • Mediation – During Mediation both parties sit down and work with an independent third-party to air their grievances, discuss their concerns, and give voice to the outcome they’d prefer. Agreements made during mediation are voluntary and do not have the power of law behind them, but contracts may be written to bind those agreements.
  • Litigation – This is the most complex way to address the disputes the partners and shareholders may have. Basically, it means going through a lawsuit and proceeding through the court system to resolve the issue. While decisions made through litigation are binding and have the force of law, it is usually the last resort between disputing parties.

Resolving business disputes is the best way to keep your business running and keep it profitable. No matter how many parties are involved, if you want to keep your company running you need to do your best to keep them all (and yourself) happy with the way it’s being run. Having a good lawyer by your side and defending your interests is the best way to keep moving forward.

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Typical Partner and Shareholder Disputes

Companies have a duty to several groups. They need to make a product or provide the service they promise to the customer. They provide work for the employees they hired. They even have a duty to the community in which they operate to be a good neighbor. Beyond those responsibilities, they also have a duty to the people and companies that have invested in them.

When any one of those groups feel their interests are being ignored, disputes may arise. If allowed to go on too long, these disputes may lead to the demise of the company. Before that happens, you need to address any dispute that comes up. Here are some of the typical types of dispute that our attorneys deal with:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-solicitation Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Injunctions where Trade-Secret Violations occurred
  • Appraisal Rights
  • Breach of Duty
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Dissolution

Experienced Orlando Business Attorneys Working For You

Increasingly companies are seeing more and more lawsuits brought by their shareholders. Whether these disputes arise from business disruptions, stock losses, or the failure of a new service or product, they can be costly and can sometimes lead to the end of the business.

The Orlando Partner and Shareholder dispute attorneys of Jordan Law know how hard it is to build a business and how much of your time, money, and life is invested in it. We are here to protect your interests and the work you do. If you need someone to help you through arbitration, mediation, or litigation, then you need someone with the business and courtroom experience to defend those interests. Contact us today.

What sets Jordan Law apart is our experience, the exemplary care we have for our clients, and our trial experience. We are proud of our knowledge that, when push comes to shove, we have the courtroom experience to fiercely defend our clients’ businesses.

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